Cortina Shoes
In the heart of Little Italy

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History of Quality

Cortina Shoes is a family owned business which has been opened since the  mid 1950’s. Located in Montreal’s little Italy it has become a landmark  within the Italian community.


Innovative Designs

Over the years Cortina Shoes has transformed their classical mamma &  papa store into a unique fashionable store with numerous brands such as  , Pajar, Olang, Anfibio  and many more combined with Cortina’s main focal point on  Italian imports.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The main success of Cortina Shoes is offering quality products for men and woman at very competitive prices without compromising exceptional customer service and product knowledge. Come by and experience the uniqueness, the passion, and the art of shoe shopping. Become more than a customer, become a friend and part of our family as many customers have become in the past years.

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Cortina Shoes

7100 St. Laurent Montréal, Québec H2S 3E2


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